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Lori C

My dogs absolutely love her! Need I say more than that? I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the worst thing about going on a vacation is not being able to take the fur babies. Not only do I miss squeezing them every day but I worry about all sorts of things. Well, finding Gardenia definitely made vacations better for me, needless to say, better for the doodles too! They definitely were less stressed staying home, doing their usual things, and seeing familiar faces. I knew this for a fact when neither of them skipped eating the first day I was gone. ( my 100 pounder didn’t eat for 3 days one time when I left town – not good! ) Gardenia came recommended to me by someone who was familiar with her skill-set as an exceptional dog trainer that also provided in-home dog care. She was very flexible with my scheduling requests and overnight stays. Gardenia snuggled and played with my doodles and walked them throughout my neighborhood. Once I returned, my neighbors let me know they had crossed paths and met Gardenia on their walks and that the doodles were happy, having fun and well cared for. Gardenia even came out prior to the first trip I took so that I could show her my house, pet supplies, and routines, including a tour of the neighborhood and trails so she would be familiar with their typical walks. She kept me updated with pictures so I knew my fur babies were doing great while missing Mom, which certainly helped get rid of worries while I was far away from home. I’ve recommended Gardenia every time somebody asks and I hope more folks get the opportunity to experience the kind, passionate, and caring dog person that she is.