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Simply put- We make sure your dog thrives in our daycare environment. Your dog’s needs are unique, memorable, and supported by each of our highly trained and experienced Dog Wranglers and Nannies. We aren’t flashy or bougie because we don’t need to be.

Your dog will find everything they need to relax and enjoy their time with us without fear. And believe it or not, those needs are pretty simple AND we adapt to YOUR dog, not the other way around. Some of the things that we notice dogs like are- pats, snuggles, music, rocking, playing fetch, relaxation and calming techniques are just a part of what we offer as the standard of care that we provide to each and every dog.

We don’t just love dogs; we also know how to take care of them in a way that nurtures confidence and supports dogs being dogs.


Our human-to-dog ratio is high because we put safety and dogs first. Not every dog qualifies for our programs. We aren’t striving for large numbers, our goal is to provide fun while being safe and healthy- for dogs and humans! We know when your dog is experiencing stress and needs a break or may have excess energy (Woah, puppies!).


Because we are Kansas City’s leaders and experts in dog behavior, our programs are organized and set up to stimulate the dogs’ brains and for them to get exercise as much as needed. There are a lot of dog daycares in KC but we have found what makes dogs happy and we stick to it.


Challenge Accepted operates the only dog taxi service in Kansas City. Your dog can be picked up in the morning with the “Waggin’ Wagon” and then brought home in the late afternoon after their day at daycare.

Everything we do is to enrich your dog’s life and keep your life with your dog as simple as possible.

hands on care

One third acre outdoor play yard

Brain stimulation as well as physical exercise

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Challenge Accepted Dog Training is a dog day care, training, boarding and taxi service for dogs! 


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