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Kansas City’s Premier Spot For Canines

Kansas City’s Premier Spot For Canines

We don’t just LOVE dogs, we KNOW dogs.

Whether your dog struggles from overstimulation or separation anxiety, when being in large groups or being away from home just makes matters worse, we can help. Every program we create is centered around dogs having fun and experiencing the least amount of stress and fear as possible. Because of this, we are able to mold and shape what we do to fit what your dog needs

Challenge Accepted is the only dog care company in Kansas City that is specifically designed to meet your dog’s needs above everything else we do.


From our boarding services, day school (doggie daycare), custom training programs, and daytime potty breaks and walks, Our goals are the same as yours- to teach you and your dog how to live in peace and harmony. We bridge the gap between humans and dogs. Challenge Accepted is the most reputable dog care in Kansas City and we see that as a great honor! 

Challenge Accepted most reputable dog care in Kansas City

Challenge Accepted knows that if the time you spend with your dog is enjoyable they will become a treasured member of your family. Dogs that are well- behaved are more likely to be a part of your day-to-day routine. Integrating a dog into your home may prove to be somewhat of a challenge. All of the methods we use are well reseached and science-based.

Challenge Accepted!Challenge Accepted most reputable dog care in Kansas City.


We understand that frustration can run high when dogs are struggling to learn manners at home. Dogs as pets and companions are our specialty. From the first phone call with us until your dog gets home after staying with us, you and your dog will notice the difference in how we practice. 




Challenge Accepted Dog Training is a rapidly growing dog day care, training, boarding and taxi service for dogs! We have high standards when it comes to the care and well-being of dogs (and animals in general). We are a small business, privately owned and owner operated in KCMO. We have strong ethical beliefs and principles that ensure that the way we treat our employees is the same way we would treat each other. Everyone is welcome, we take pride in the uniqueness that makes us all special. From dogs to humans, we honor and appreciate diversity, even (and especially) neuro- diversity!

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What Customers Are Saying

What Customers Are Saying


We are all about integrity, communication, diversity, consistency and compassion!

Challenge Accepted Dog Training is a dog day care, training, boarding and taxi service for dogs! 


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